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Boom and Crash Pip Calculator
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Knowing the pip value is very important in trading. It basically tells you how much (in dollars) a price movement covers.

If you can calculate PIP, you will be able to know how much profit or loss you will make from a trade.

With a few inputs, our Boom and Crash Pip Calculator above will help you calculate the pip value of any boom and crash index price movement.

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How this Calculator work

This calculator give out the result by using the Entry price, Closing price and the lot size to calculate the pip value of any price movement.

It uses the following formula do this;

Pip Value($) = (Entry price – Closing price)*lot size

How to use this Calculator

Step 1: Select the index you want to trade

Step 2: Input your Entry price: entry price is the price at which you want to execute your trade

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Step 3: Input your Closing price: This is the price at which you want to close the trade

Step 4: Input your lot size

Step 5: Check your Pip value

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