Bybit P2P Arbitrage Trading Guide: How to Profit from Bybit P2P

The bybit P2P market is another great opportunity for users to make low-risk profits by leveraging the price spread.

Bybit exchange has experienced rapid growth in recent years, and its peer-to-peer market allows users to buy or sell their coins to fiat currencies at no cost.

Crypto arbitrage without transferring

Unlike between exchange arbitrage, where you have to pay some transaction charges for transferring crypto from one exchange to another, Bybit p2p arbitrage trading does not involve many fees. The only charges you need to cover up are those of your payment methods (like bank transfer charges).

So in this post, I will be introducing different techniques that you can use to implement Bybit P2P Arbitrage trading, how you can make higher profits and the risks involved.

So without further ado, let’s get in.

What is p2p arbitrage trading?

P2P arbitrage trading is the act of buying crypto assets on the p2p market from users selling low and immediately selling them at a higher price to another user on the p2p market.

Just like in normal crypto trading, the goal of p2p arbitrage is to buy low and sell high. The only difference is that instead of doing this as a contract for difference, it is done to leverage the price discrepancy of crypto assets.

Bybit p2p Arbitrage Trading Requirements:

For you to leverage the Bybit p2p arbitrage opportunity, you must meet the following criteria:

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1.Have a verified Bybit account.

2. Link your phone number with your Bybit account.

3. Link your email address.

4. Have an asset that you will trade.

5. Must have completed enough transactions on the Bybit p2p market in the previous 30 days.

6. You must use a payment method that is accepted on the Bybit p2p market.

Reasons for the Bybit p2p market arbitrage opportunity

Here are some of the reasons why there is an endless p2p arbitrage opportunity on the bybit p2p market.

1.Difference in crypto-fiat exchange rates.

2.Difference in spot price and p2p market price.

3. Users in a hurry are bound to sell low.

Bybit p2p arbitrage trading strategies

The bybit p2p market is flexible enough for arbitrageurs to adopt different trading strategies.

On the same Bybit p2p market, you will find a price difference in a crypto asset, a number of different payment methods, and a difference in cross-fiat exchange rates.

Here are some of the strategies you can use to implement Bybit p2p arbitrage trading:

1.Do it all on Bybit P2P market.

In this strategy, p2p arbitrage trading is implemented only on the Bybit p2p market. Observing the Bybit p2p market when filtered by a particular payment method or fiat currencies will show that there is a price spread in the same asset.

So, as an arbitrageur, what you will do is buy from users selling low and look for users buying high. You can even go ahead and become a bybit merchant so that you can post your ads to either buy or sell at a specific price.

Given that the bybit p2p transactions are at a zero fee, the only charge you will have to monitor in this trade is that charged by your payment method (if you are buying).

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Also, you can increase your trading opportunities and profit margin by having multiple payment methods. This will allow you to cross trade between fiat currencies.

2.Use the Bybit exchange strategy.

Another good bybit p2p arbitrage trading strategy is to trade between the bybit spot market and the p2p market.

So what you will need to do is to look for an undervalued coin on the Bybit spot market, buy it, and then go to the P2P market to sell it at a higher price. Also, you can also go reverse (that is, buy low on the p2p market and sell high on the spot market).

Internal transfers (from a spot wallet to a p2p wallet or vice versa) on Bybit are free. Therefore, the only costs to consider in these trading strategies are deposit fees on the spot market or payment method fees on the p2p market.

3.Between Exchange Strategy.

This Bybit p2p arbitrage trading strategy involves buying low from the p2p market, transferring it to another exchange’s p2p market, and selling it there. There are many exchanges with their own p2p markets and you can trade between these exchanges and bybit. So what you will need to do is look for a price spread between these exchanges’ p2p markets and bybit and trade it.

Although bybit p2p transactions are free, it is important to note that not all exchanges offer free p2p transaction fees. Just be aware of that.

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Also, while checking the profitabillity of your trades, you want to make sure you take into consideration transfer charges while sending your crypto assets from bybit to another exchange or vice versa.

How to start Bybit p2p arbitrage trading.

Starting bybit p2p arbitrage trading can be intimidating for the first time, so I’ve decided to give you these few steps to get started.

Step 1: Fund your Bybit P2P wallet.

Before you can start your bybit p2p arbitrage trading, you need to fund your by p2p wallet. You can either do this by transferring from another exchange, trustwallet, or buying from sellers on the bybit p2p market.

It is important to note that it is not all crypto assets that can be traded on the bybit p2p market. Popular coins like USDT, BTC, and some other stable coins can be traded on the market.

Step 2: Look for price spread.

Once you have funded your bybit p2p wallet, the next thing you need to do is to look for a bybit p2p arbitrage opportunity.

On the header of the p2p page, filter the market by payment methods and fiat currencies, and look for a high spread in the market.

Step 3: Trade the Spread.

When you see a coin on the Bybit p2p market with a large price spread, purchase from users selling low and sell back to users buying high. It is recommended that you begin with a little amount of capital, but once you have mastered it, you can increase your capital to boost market profitability.

Risk Seen in Bybit P2p Arbitrage Trading:

  1. Price slippage.
  2. Limited asset on P2p market.
  3. High transaction fees
  4. Insecurity of Funds


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