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Pip calculator for synthetic indices

This post will show you how to use our PIP calculator. We will begin with an explanation of the inputs required to use this calculator and then walk you through how to use our pip calculator to calculate the pip value in your trades.

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What Is Pip In Synthetic Indices trading?

PIP is the measure of the smallest price movement of a particular asset. Here, PIP Value is equivalent to profit.


Inputs Needed to use Pip Calculator

For you to use our pip calculator, you need to put three things in place: the entry price, the closing price, and the lot size. When you input the above parameters, our calculator will help you determine the pip value based on the information you provide.

(1). Entry price: This is the price at which you intend to enter a trade.


(2). Closing price: This is the price at which you intend to close your trade.

(3). Lot size: This is a measure of the amount of an asset you want to buy or sell in a transaction. Check out our lot size calculator.

How to use our Pip Calculator

Using this calculator is very simple. You just need to give it the entry price, lot size, and closing price, and it will calculate the pip value for you.

In the picture below, I have input my lot size as 0.5, my entry price as 547931.50, and my closing price as 547990.90. The calculator determined the pip value to be $29.7.


Calculated pip value

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