Boom and Crash brokers

Almost every day, either on my blog comments here or on my Telegram channel, I must see someone asking either for “brokers that trade boom and crash”, “boom 1000 index broker”, “crash 1000 index broker”, or “crash 500 index brokers”.

Having realized that the above quest is actually asking for the same thing, I have decided to address all of them here.

Because Boom and Crash and other synthetic indices are not traditional stock or financial assets, finding brokers that trade Boom and Crash can be difficult for new synthetic index traders. So if you are on this vein, welcome.

Having said that, let’s get started.

Boom and Crash Brokers

As of the date I am writing this article, boom and crash indices can only be found on, which is the owner of the asset.

However, given the constant innovation in technology and development, in time to come, other new or old brokers may incorporate this asset into their tradable pairs in light of the increased population of financial traders moving to boom and crash.

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So for now,  if you are looking to trade boom and crash and you don’t have an account yet, you can consider setting up a boom and crash account on deriv.

Crash 1000 Index Brokers.

Because Crash 1000 is an index of the “Boom and Crash indices”, Crash 1000 is also only available on Deriv. Once you set up a trading account with Deriv, you will be able to find the Crash 1000 index and trade it. In essence, Deriv is the only Crash 1000 index broker today.

What is the Minimum Deposit on Deriv?

Deriv Being the only boom and crash index broker requires a minimum deposit of $5 for synthetic index traders. However, if you want to trade crypto on Deriv, there is no minimum deposit.

Which Boom and Crash Broker offers a Demo Account?

On, you can create a demo account and practice what you have learnt before investing your real money as a beginner. Even savvy traders use demo accounts to practice their trading strategy before implementing it with their real money.

Follow this guide to set up and account and start trading with Demo account

Is Deriv a Good Broker?

With over 20 years of brokerage services, Deriv has proved trustworthy and Custormer services efficacious. I have been enjoying Deriv since I set up an account with them four years ago.

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What’s more?, Deriv has multiple tradeable assets to offer their clients. So, if you trade various market types, Deriv is a good option for you.

What is the Best boom and Crash Broker?

Deriv is the only and best boom and crash broker as of the year 2022. Having been in the brokerage service for 20 years, Deriv has proven to be a trust-worthy and client-centered brokerage platform.


The best and only boom and crash broker is as of date. Though we are expecting developing brokers to start integrating boom and crash indices into their tradeable assets, none of this upcomming may beat Deriv with ease.

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