Can you trade VIX 75 on weekend? Answered

Because most enthusiastic traders may not have the chance to trade on weekdays, they prefer financial assets that can be traded on the weekend.
The Forex market, which is the most popular financial market, is not traded on weekends, and this has been a major constraint to traders.
If you are a financial trading enthusiast looking for financial products that can be traded on weekends, welcome; here, we will show you financial assets that can be traded on weekends.
The VIX market is becoming a hot cake every day. Different traders are migrating to the market due to its unique features.

As we know, VIX 75 and other synthetic indices are not affected by any fundamental factors. They can be traded using technical analysis and price action strategies, enabling traders to develop their own trading strategy and use it successfully. 
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Among other questions, new synthetic index traders are always asking, “Can I trade Vx 75 on the weekend?” So we have decided to attend to this here. Let’s get started.

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Can you trade VIX 75 on weekends?

The short answer to this question is yes, you can trade VIX 75 on weekends. 
The VIX market and other synthetic index markets can be traded every day and every hour. This is because, unlike the forex market, the synthetic index market is a program designed by simulating real-world assets, so it keeps running every hour. 
If you are a trader that is most busy on weekdays and want to channel your trading journey to weekends, then VIX 75 index is a good option for you.

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Where can I trade Vix 75 ?

Deriv is the broker that will allow you to trade synthetic indices 24/7 without any interruption. They have been offering brokerage services since 2000 and have gained much trust and popularity. With them, you will enjoy instant deposit and withdrawal. You can sign up on Deriv here.

Best Time to Trade Vix 75 indices.

The best time to trade Vix 75 indices is when price of the assets break out of consolidation or react to previous support or resistance level. You can use technical analysis to spot this levels.

Which financial assets can I trade on weekends?

Basically, all synthetic assets in indices can be traded on weekends. The following are the most popular financial assets that can be traded on weekends:

  • Boom and Crash indices
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Volatility indices
  • Some stocks
  • More…

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