How to Mint NFT with MetaMask (Step-By-Step)

The NFT market has been booming since 2021, when the NFT “Quantum” was sold for $1.47m. Different artists have been in a rush to get their own digital assets minted in the marketplace. One of the requirements for minting an NFT in any marketplace is a cryptocurrency wallet. This crypto wallet would be used to pay you when you sell NFTs.

Among the different wallets supported by the different marketplaces, Metamask wallet is the best when it comes to security of funds, ease of use, and other factors.


Currently, Metamask has over 30 million monthly users and this exponential growth is due to their secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency storage technology.

Minting NFTs with Metamask takes some extra steps. First you need to add the extension to your chrome browser, then you need to fund it with Ethereum before you talk about using the wallet to mint an NFT.


In this post, I will show you how to mint NFTs with Metamask from start to finish. Also, I will show you how to protect your metamask wallet from hackers.

So, lets get started.

How to Mint an NFT with MetaMask

Minting NFT with Metamask needs an extra step. First, you need to download the Chrome extension, create an account, fund it with ethereum, and look for a marketplace before you start minting your NFT.


Here is a step-by-step guide on how to mint NFT with Metamask.

Step 1: Choose A marketplace.

The first step to minting an NFT with metamask is to choose an NFT marketplace. Today, we have a variety of marketplaces that help their users tokenize their digital assets for monetization.

Popular NFT marketplaces are OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Foundation, Nifty Gateway, etc. Even some cryptocurrency exchanges have started adopting this technology. So you need to pick one of these marketplaces to mint your NFTs.

Note: Not all marketplaces integrate with Metamask; in this tutorial, I’ll show you how to mint NFT with Metamask on Opensea, which is one of the marketplaces that allows you to mint NFT for free. If you want to mint in another marketplace but do not know if they integrate with Metamask, do check it here.

Step 2: Download and set up a Metamask wallet.

If you chose another marketplace to mint your NFT, then the steps might be different. If you chose OpenSea, then you are going to find everything same to what I am going to do here.

To get started, you first need to download Metamask for either the Chrome extension, iOS, or Android. Click on this link and you should see a page like this:

Metamask wallet download page

You can install the wallet app on iOS or Android depending on your convenience, but whichever one you choose, the process remains the same.

In my case, I am going to install the Chrome extension. After installing, click on “Get started.” You will be taken to a page like this:

metamask wallet connect

If you don’t have a metmask account yet, click on “Create account”.

Then choose a password  and click on create.

creating metamask account

Then copy your recovery phrase and keep it secure.

metamask recovery

You will permanently lose your crypto and any NFTs you’ve gained if you forget your seed phrase!

Confirm your secret recovery phrase by entering it in the order you copied it.

If the registration was successful, you will see a page like the one below.

metamask wallet

Step 3: Fund Your Metamask Wallet with Ethereum.

There are some charges associated with minting NFT in any market place. These fees are used to pay miners who create blocks that will be used to tokenize your digital assets. So you need to fund your Metamask wallet to pay these minting fees.

In addition to the minting fees, you need to initialize your account if you are minting for the first time, and there are some charges to do that. Account initialization costs between $100 and $300.

However, if you are using another blockchain like Polygon, you don’t necessarily need to fund your metamask wallet. NFT minting on polygons blockchain is free.

You can fund your Metamask wallet with Ethereum in the following ways:

  • Buying ETH directly on Metamask
  • Transferring from a ledger wallet to a metmask wallet
  • Transferring from an exchange.

In this guide, I will show you how to fund your wallet by transferring from an exchange (Binance).

Take the following steps to buy Ether on Binance and transfer it to your Metamask wallet

  • Login to your Binance account.
  • Make a USD deposit into your Binance account.
  • Navigate to the “markets” page.
  • Find a pair of ETH and USD
  • Select “Buy”
  • Enter the amount of ETH that you want to buy.
  • Pay attention to fees.
  • Then complete the purchase.
  • Then Navigate to the wallet page.
  • Click on withdrawal.
  • Copy your Metamask ETH wallet address to the withdrawal page of Binance.
  • Input the amount ETH you want to transfer and complete the transaction.
  • If the transfer was successful, it will reflect on your Metmask wallet.

Step 3: Connect your Metamask Wallet to NFT marketplace

Visit OpenSea and click on the “Wallet Icon” at the top-right corner. Choose Metamask Wallet and confirm the connection when prompted.

Connecting metamask wallet to opensea

Click on “Next” and then click on “Connect” to complete the process.

connecting wallet to opensea

Step 4: Mint your NFT.

There are two options for minting an NFT. You can either mint a single item or a collection. In this guide, we will mint a single item.

If you want to add to your collection, navigate to profile > My Collection > Create Collection.

To mint a single item, navigate to “create icon” as shown below

Creating nft on opensea

Then upload your NFT files.

minting NFt

Note: The file types accepted are SVG, WAV, OGG, GLB, JPG, PNG, GIF, MP4, WEBM, MP3, and MB. Also, the maximum file size should be 100 MB.

Then fill in the fields

listing NFTs on Opensea

Remember to select ETH as your network type.

If you chose ETH as your network, you need to initialize your account. The initialization account setup usually costs between $100 and $300. Just make sure you have $300 worth of ETH on your wallet before you begin minting.

Number of Supply of NFT

Then click on create.

Step 5: List Your NFTs For Sale

When you create an NFT, it is not visible for sale. You need to list it and give it a price.

So select “sell” at the top right corner.

NFT listed on opensea

Then give your NFT a type, sell price, duration, and select complete listing to finish the process.

listing NFT

Risk Involved In Minting NFT with Metamask Wallet

There is a certain risk that, if not checked, could cause losses on minting your NFTs in any marketplace. One of them is crypto Volatility, the second is phishing activities and others. Let’s go through them one-by-one.

1) Crypto Volatility:

The value of cryptocurrency goes back and forth, so the value of any crypto you purchased for gas fees can fall.

2) Compromised Seed Phrase

Many people have lost their crypto assets and even NFTs to some scammers through phishing sites. These scammers design a phishing system that prompts users to input their wallet seed phrase in order to get a free NFT or other offer.

So, be vigilant and do not release your wallet seed phrases as you trade NFTs.

3) Wrong Transaction

Minting and trading of NFTs usually involves buying and transferring crypto assets from one wallet to another. If you are not conversant with these transactions, you need to educate yourself before you begin minting NFT.

Any cryptocurrency asset sent to the wrong wallet address is lost and you will never recover it.

How Can I Mint NFT For Free With Metmask?

Using the Polygon Blockchain, you can mint NFT for free with your Metamask wallet. NFT minting transactions and Minting on polygons are for free. Just find a marketplace that supports Polygon blockchain and mint your NFT with them.

Also, you can mint your NFT for free on the ETH blockchain using the lazy minting methods. Popular NFT marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible allow you to mint your NFT on the ETH blockchain without having to pay any fee. The upfront fees associated with such minting are being transferred to the customer that buys the NFTs.

Which NFT marketplace supports Metamask wallet?

OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation, Arken, and other popular NFT marketplaces that support metamask wallets. If you are not sure if your preferred marketplace support metmask wallet, you can view the full list of marketplaces that support Metamask wallet here.


With this guide, you have learned how to mint NFT with Metamask and how to list them on Opensea. You can now start monetizing your digital artwork and make 6, 7, and 8 figures.

However, remember to take all measures to avoid NFT scams so that you don’t lose your assets on the go.

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comment section below. I will do my best to reply.


The information on this page is based on our experience and the research we have done and should not influence your financial decision. Please conduct thorough research before making any major financial decisions.

You can refer to our disclaimer page to know how you should treat information on this website.

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