Why are some NFTs Hidden on Opensea?

Why are some NFTs hidden on opensea?

Wondering why some NFTs are hidden in your Opensea? Let’s investigate.

There are many reasons why some NFTs are hidden on Opensea. It may be hidden by creator, the marketplace may hide it due to a suspected malicious attack, and finally, your NFTs may have been delisted from the marketplace.


In each of these cases, we will take you through why the NFTs were hidden and how you can unhide them.

So let’s get started.


What Are Hidden NFTs on OpenSea?

When NFTs are hidden on OpenSea, they move to the Hidden tab and are not visible on the profile of the creator. They are only visible to their creators.

However, your hidden NFT can be seen by anyone who knows its name and address. People can use Etherscan to look at the blockchain and see the NFTs you have in your wallet, even if they are hidden.

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4 Reasons Why some NFTs hidden on Opensea

There are a good number of reasons why some NFTs are hidden on Opensea.

OpenSea can automatically hide an NFT and/or you can purposely hide it. In either case, there must be a reason for that. Let’s learn more.

1) OpenSea Hide NFT to Prevent Malicious Attacks.

One feature of the blockchain is that it allows anyone to send an asset to a wallet address without the owner of the wallet having to accept it. What this means is that you don’t even need to accept NFTs sent to your wallet before they arrive. This is similar to how we receive email from someone without being pre-informed.

Receiving an NFT you did not buy, however, is not totally safe. Although there are instances where legit mate creators mint NFTs and send them directly to people as airdrops, scammers are using this means to compromise people’s wallets.

They do this by prompting you to view an NFT listing that contains phishing  links.

So, to protect their users, Opensea automatically moves any incoming NFTs that is suspicious to the Hidden Tab. This item won’t be visible in your collections.

Note: It is not all the NFTs that were automatically transferred to the Hidden tab that are malicious. In cases where you are expecting NFTs but they don’t come, you check the Hidden tab and unhide the NFT if it is there.

2) Users Can Hide Their NFT To Curate Their Collection.

Users can hide their NFTs when they feel like curating their account or doing some other task that calls for their NFTs to remain hidden. They could remove their old collections that they don’t feel like showing off anymore. They can hide these items from their profile.

 Hiding NFTs on your Opensea profile does not guarantee that they are totally invisible. People can use tools like etherscan to look at the blockchain and see NFTs that are in your wallet.

3) Hidden NFTs May have Been Delisted From OpenSea.

When an NFT is against the terms of service of Opensea, they can delist such an item from being displayed on their platform. The NFT will still exist on the blockchain, but it won’t be shown on the marketplace.

4) Hidden NFTs May Not Have Arrived in Your Wallet.

If there is congestion on the Ethereum blockchain or any other network that your NFT is being sent through, it can take a longer time for the transaction to go through. If you have waited a long time, you can use Etherscan to check your transaction status using the transaction hash ID.

How to Hide NFT on OpenSea

Follow the steps below to hide NFT on OpenSea

1. Locate the NFT you want to Hide.

2. In the lower corner of the NFT, select “…”

3. Click “Hide” at the bottom of the context menu.

4. Click the Hide icon in the lower right corner.

5. A confirmation message will be displayed that the item is hidden.

6. You can now view the NFT from the hidden tab.

How to Unhide NFT on OpenSea

To unhide an NFT, Follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your profile collection.
  1. On the NFT you want to hide, click on “…” at the bottom of the left corner.
  1. Select “Unhide” and confirm in the bottom right corner.
  1. Your item will move back to the collected view.

How To View Hidden NFT on OpenSea

Follow the steps below to view Hidden NFT in your profile.

Step 1: Log in to your OpenSea profile and navigate to More > Hidden.

an image showing hidden tab in opensea

Step 2: Filter the items by Auto-hidden

nft filtered by auto-hidden

If you have any NFT that is auto-hidden, you will see it there.


There are many reasons why some NFTs are hidden on OpenSea. It could be done by the creator, the marketplace, or even network inefficiency. With what we have covered, you now know the reason why some NFT are hidden on OpenSea and how you can view them.

If you have any questions concerning what we have covered on this topic, you can leave them in the comment section below. I will attend to them as soon as possible.

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