How to Create NFT For Free on OpenSea

One of the popular challenges hindering some digital art creators from venturing into NFT is having to cover up the minting fees. So they keep asking, can I create nfts without owning cryptocurrency? Anyway, the answer to this question is yes. If you are in these shoes, read on! In this post, I will show you How to Create NFT For Free on OpenSea.

What are NFTs?

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), shortened as NFTs, are a type of digital asset (like artwork, music art, and even virtual real estate) that is created and built on the Blockchain and can be exchanged for fiat currency or other crypto assets.

Any digital asset can be converted into NFTs. For instance, a popular tweet, Instagram post, or Facebook post can be converted to NFTs and sold for profit.

The Blockchain technology on which NFTs are built is used to monitor their ownership and transfer from one wallet to another.

Unlike cryptocurrency, NFTs cannot be duplicated, meaning they cannot be measured into units of ownership.

How to Create NFT for Free On OpenSea.

Some marketplaces (Rarible or Opensea) allow users to mint NFT without paying an upfront fee. The gas costs related to the minting are transferred to the customer that buys your NFT. Here is a guide on how to create NFT for Free on OpenSea using a metamask wallet.

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Note: you can use other popular wallet like coinbase, walletconnect, phantom, glow etc.

Step 1: Download and set up a Metamask wallet.

To create NFT for free on OpenSea, you need a Crypto wallet. In this guide, We will be using a metamask wallet.

Follow this link to down Metamask for either chrome, IOS or Android. You will see a page like this.

Metamask wallet download page

Install the chrome extension and Click on “get started”, you will be taken to a page like this:

metamask wallet connect

If don’t have an account before, click on “create account”

Input a password to create an Account:

creating metamask account

Copy  your Recovery phrase to a notebook(keep it secure).

metamask recovery

Confirm your secrete recovery phrase by selecting them in the order you copied it.

If the registration was successfull, you should see a page like this. Then click on done.

metamask wallet

Step 2: Link your Metamask wallet to OpenSea.

Once you have setup your metamask wallet, go to OpenSea and click on the Wallet symbol at the top-right corner. Select Metamask Wallet and confirm the connection (you will be prompted).

Connecting metamask wallet to opensea

Click on “Next” and click on Connect to complete the process.

connecting wallet to opensea

Step 3: Mint Your NFTs.

You have two options for minting NFTs. You can either create a single item or a whole collection. In this guide, we will demonstrate how you can create a single item. Click on create icon as shown below and upload your NFT files.

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Creating nft on opensea

You can create a collection by navigating to profile>My Collection>Create Collection.

Step 4: List Your NFTs For Sale

In order to list your NFT for sale, you must select “sell” at the top right corner and input the price for your NFT. After you finish inputting the details, select “complete Listing” and your NFT will be available for sale.

OpenSea charges a 2.5% service fee, and this will be deducted when you sell your NFTs.

That is how to create an NFT for free. On Opensea. The comment section is open for your questions.

Can you Create NFT without Cryptocurrency?

Some marketplaces (Rarible or Opensea) allow users to mint NFT without paying an upfront fee. The gas costs related to the minting are transferred to the customer that buys your NFT.

Final Thoughts

This guide should have covered everything you need to know about creating an NFT for free on OpenSea. Minting your NFT on openSea is a first step to achieving success in the market. Once you list your list of NFTs, you need to put more work into promoting it to get it across to potential buyers. We have an article on that. Consider checking the page using this link.


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