How to Transfer NFT from OpenSea to Coinbase Wallet

As you may know, NFTs are usually held in an ERC-721 smart contract on the blockchain of the platform they were created on. This means that if you create an NFT on Opensea with ETH, then that NFT must be on that ETH network even when you sell or transfer it.

Coinbase is one of the non-custodian wallet platforms that allows users to have full control over their tokens and private keys. Not only that, you can use the coinbase wallet to buy and store your NFTs.

If you minted or bought your NFT on OpenSea and you want to transfer them to your Coinbase wallet, welcome. In this post I will show you how to transfer NFT from Opensea to Coinbase wallet.

If you have already transferred your NFT to your coinbase wallet and it is not reflecting on your coinbase wallet, there are a couple of reasons for that. It could be that your NFT’s file format is not supported on Coinbase, or that the NFTs are built on a network not supported on Coinbase Wallet, or that your NFT has not been synced yet. Do check this page for how you can fix any of the above issues.

How to Transfer NFT from OpenSea to Coinbase Wallet (Steps)

If you purchased your NFT on Opensea with another wallet other than coinbase, you can easily transfer them to your Coinbase wallet with the steps we are going to outline here.

Note: You can only transfer NFT to a non-custodial coinbase wallet. Transferring your NFT to a hot wallet that is hosted on the Coinbase exchange might result in losing your asset.

So let’s get started.

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Step 1: Fund The Wallet Connected to Opensea with ETH.

For you to transfer NFT out of Opensea, there are some fees associated with that. To cover this fee, fund the wallet you linked to opensea with ETH.

You can fund your wallet with ETH either by transferring from a ledger wallet or by transferring from an exchange.

If the wallet you connected to Opensea is Metamask, Follow this steps to fund it with ETH from Binance.

Step 2: Copy ETH deposit address from Coinbase wallet.

Go to your Coinbase custodial wallet app and copy the ETH Deposit address. You can do this by navigating to wallet Icon > Receive tab and selecting the ETH Blockchain.

Step 5: Select The NFT you want to Transfer on Opensea.

Sign in to your OpenSea account and, from the Profile Icon, select “My Collection.”

Profile Icon On OpenSea

If you want to transfer a single Item, tap onĀ  the Item and Click on “transfer” as shown below:

Clicking the transfer button on Opensea

If you want to transfer a multiple items, click on the “3 dots” on one of the NFTs you want to transfer. Then select transfer on the window that will pop up.

transferring multiple item

Now select all the NFTs you want to transfer and finally click the blue “Transfer” button in the bottom right corner.

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transferring multiple items in Opensea

Enter the wallet address you copied from the Coinbase wallet app and click on “transfer.”

Entering the wallet address

That is all. Wait for your NFT to arrive at your coinbase wallet.


With this guide, you have learned how to transfer NFT from Opensea to your Coinbase wallet. Please be very careful as you follow the guide. For cases you don’t understand or trust our steps, please consider doing further research or leaving a comment below. We will reply to your comment as soon as possible.


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