Tradingview Kraken Integration: Connect Kraken to TradingView

Looking for a guide on Tradingview Kraken integration? That is, accessing and using the Kraken platforms’ real-time market data on tradingview . Welcome. This is what we will be treating in this article.

As we all know, Tradingview and Kraken are two of the most popular platforms for cryptocurrency trading, each with their own unique features. Luckily, Tradingview’s integration with Kraken means that you can take advantage of both worlds at once with relative ease!

By analyzing a Tradingview chart that is a real-time market data of the Kraken exchange, your cryptocurrency trading will be easier than ever before!

So, let’s get started.

How to Integrate Kraken To Tradingview

After the announcement of the tradingview kraken integration in 2019, Kraken users can now track , chart, and analyze crypto pairs and future contracts on Tradingview. Let’s show you how to do this.

Step 1: Click on “add symbol”.

Visit the Tradingviews charting pages and you will see an “add symbol” button as shown below. Click on it.

Tradingview charting page

Step 2: Select “All sources”.

Kraken crypto symbols

Step 3: Search for “Kraken”

In the search bar, type Kraken, and in the search result, select Kraken. This will load all the crypto pairs supported on Kraken.

Searching Kraken on tradingview add symbol

Step 4: Select the Crypto Pairs you wish to Trade.

You can then select the crypto pairs you wish to add to your market watch.

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As shown in the image below, I have selected ETHUSD, BTCUSD, ADAUSD, ETHEUR, BTCEUR, and DOTUSD.

selecting the kraken watch list

If you want to trade Futures contract, you need to type “KRAKEN:FUTURES” in the “symbol search” box.

Step 5: Close the window.

closing the window

Step 6: Select a pair on your watchlist to launch the chart.

All the pairs you selected are now added to your watchlist. Select any of them to launch its chart.

selecting the pair to trade on the watchlist

 If you have added a forex pair or stock pair to your watchlist prior to this process, it will also show up in the watchlist. To mitigate this, you can clear them off or navigate to the crypto section in the watchlist.

Step 3: Analyze the market and place your orders.

Once you have launched the chart, you can then do your technical analysis to determine your position and place your trade.

You can’t trade live on Tradingview with Kraken. Once you have finished your technical analysis, you need to login to your Kraken account and place your orders based on your analysis on tradingview.

Can I Trade live on TradingView With Kraken?

You can’t place an order directly on Kraken through Tradingview. You can only access the Kraken’s spot pairs and future contracts on Tradingview and then do your technical analysis. When you want to place your orders, you need to go to the official website of Kraken.

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That is all for Tradingview Kraken Integration. If you are stuck in any place, you can describe your problem below. I will do my best to answer them.


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