How To Promote NFT For Sale in 2022

If you are reading this, I believe you have an NFT in the marketplace and are having difficulty getting it across to your potential buyers, or you have just heard about the NFT space and are inspired to venture into it, but are thinking about the difficulties you may face in moving your work forward. Either way, the truth is that unless you employ some sort of strategy, getting your NFT collection across to potential buyers is a big challenge.

How to Make money with NFts

If you have minted your NFT for months or weeks and you have not made any sales or got your collection in front of your potential buyers, it is time you rise and do something because making sales is not going to happen naturally.

So we have dedicated our time to putting together this article  on how to promote NFT both through paid and free means.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Why do you need to promote your NFT?

Apart from making sales, there are a number of reasons why you need to start promoting your NFT today. Any business done well should include future recognition. So below are some reasons why you need to promote your NFT.

1. Boost sales.

As we know, the main business behind NFT is to sell your collection, so when talking about the reasons to promote your NFT, it ranks number one.

The more your NFT collection reaches a new audience, the more sales that you will make.

You must understand that the NFT market is big and unless you start promoting your NFT, it will be invisible to potential buyers.

 Getting your NFT across to a new audience should not be done randomly; you must employ some sort of targeting in order to have a conversion out of your promotion. For instance, if you are sharing your NFT on social media, you are not going to be putting it in irrelevant groups or pages.

2. Build a brand.

There are many people looking to invest in NFT but not educated enough to harness it, so while promoting your NFT on social media or your website, you can be sharing educative content that can transform this set of individuals.

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For instance, if Mr. Mike only got to know about NFT on your website and the content you have was enough to turn him into a savvy investor in space, there will be higher chances that he will patronize your collection and he will keep referring other newbies to your content.

3. Sends traffic to your website.

If you have good content on your NFT website, users who are satisfied with that content will tend to bounce back any time they are looking for NFT hacks.

If you monetized your site with an ad network, this will undoubtedly increase your revenue from the ads. Not only that, you can even charge to promote other NFT collections on your site.

4. Up-to-date info.

When you are promoting your NFT, you will do a lot of research about what people are looking for in the NFT community and how you can provide them. For instance, should you share your NFT collection on a social media group, the kind of engagement from people will give you insight on what improvement you should make on your next project, and this will give you a better lead in the market.

8 ways to promote NFT collection.

1. Social media.

Social media is undoubtedly one of the easiest place to promote NFT. If you already have a social media following, you can inform them about your NFT collection and a good number of them might want to invest. Aside from that, there are hot social media groups based on NFT that are open for you to promote your collection.

You can share a picture of your work on these social media spaces and this will be very targeted as most of them will be converted to check your work.

2.NFT Forums

Promoting NFT on the NFT designated Forum is another free targeted lead. You can find popular NFT forums on Reddit, quora space, and the likes of them. A quick Google search will load you with NFT forums relevant enough for you to promote your collections.

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This method is very good as most of the forum members are NFT enthusiasts and would relatively check your collection.

3. Collaborate with other creators.

In any business, collaboration brings an edge to the two parties. Look for other NFT creators that have achieved little success and work with them.

Having been in the industry for a while, they must have built some audience that sharing your collection with would be a good target. As your products are non-tangible, there is no harm in reaching a deal with another creator to share each other’s work with your audience. So, always connect with other creators for collaboration.

4. Promote in blog post.

If you can afford it, creating a blog website where you can showcase your collection is another good move. One of the factors investors use in determining their interest in a collection is how serious the project websites are.

You can set up a blog website using WordPress easily where you will be writing about your collection and updating your audience.

If you can’t afford a blog, you can opt to write guest posts on websites that cover NFT as a category. While writing those posts, you can include your work as an example and advise readers to invest in your collection.

5. Use the NFT Drop calendar.

The NFT Drops Calendar is a space that brings the list of NFTs on different marketplaces in one place. It saves investors the hassle of going to a different marketplace to browse through the latest and top-leading NFT.

Investors use the NFT Drop Calendar to discover the newly-minted NFTs with a future for them to leverage. Knowing this, adding your collection to the NFT Drop Calendar is a good target.

It takes nothing to add your NFT to this space. Just submit your work and the team, after review, will populate it if it meets their standard.

Another advantage of adding your NFT to Drop calendar is that the team will constantly share your work on their developed social media handles, such as Twitter and Instagram.

So now that you know this, why not start adding your collection there?

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6. Use paid ads.

Although this method will cost you some money, it is good for any NFT creator looking to make a difference to run paid ads to promote his work.

You can run Google Ads or social ads where your collection will be pushed targetedly to NFT investors.

Paid ads allow you to target an audience based on keywords and engagement on social media, and these have a high conversion to your products when set up properly.

7. Promote with influencers.

Influencers can also take your project to a high level. From research, it was observed that a good number of influencers’ followers will listen to their advice and consent to their promotion. So you can provide a sale copy to any influencer in the NFT space and reach an agreement with them to promote your NFT.

Please note that this strategy will be expensive; just remember to do research about how much it will cost before initiating the process.

8. Buy Ad space.

You can also buy and Ad space on popular NFT marketplaces, platforms, or even calendars. This will be targeted enough to get you investors, but it will be very expensive. Just remember to figure out how much it will cost before making any important moves.


With all we have covered so far, you should be an expert on how to promote NFT.

But I must remind you that good work is also essential for a fast sale. Make sure that your NFT collection is unique and fascinating enough to attract investors. Also You always want to make sure you keep your royalty fee low (if you should include it) so that you won’t chase investors.

We recommend that you read our post on how to make money with NFTs. It will be very helpful in exposing you to more opportunity in the NFT space other than selling your own NFTs.


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