How to Sell Stock In Etoro

Etoro has grown to be among the leading broker, and a lot of investors have migrated to it. Although it has a good user interface, a lot of beginners still get stuck on how to sell stock in Etoro.

If you have some stocks on Etoro and are looking for a guide on how to sell them, then this post is for you .

Etoro is one of the brokers that allows you to trade stocks without any commissions and is also among the most trusted brokers as of this year.

In addition to the mobile apps that you can use for trading, Etoro also has a web-based platform that you can access from any device.

Without Further ado, let’s get started.

How to sell stock in Etoro

 In this section of the post, we will walk you through the major steps of how you can sell your stocks on Etoro. Make sure you read carefully and follow all the steps so you don’t lose your holdings.

Step 1: Login to the Plartform.

Whether you are using Etoro mobile or accessing your account on their web-based platform, the first step to selling your stock on Etoro is logging into the platform.

While creating an account with them, you were prompted to input a username and password, and for you to access your holdings, you need to provide it.

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 Once you input your login details, click enter to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Click on the Portfolio tab

Once you are logged in to the platform, you will see the portfolio tab on the left hand corner. You then click on it to view the list of stocks you have on the platform. The portfolio tab is as shown in the picture below:

An image showing portfolio tab in etoro

Step 3: Select the stock you want to sell.

Once you click the portfolio button, a list of your positions on the platform will be shown. Then select the item you want to sell. The picture below demonstrates how the list of your holdings will appear.

An image showing the list of my holding on Etoro

Step 4: Click “sell” if you want to trade, or “close” if you want to exit the market.

If you want to trade your stock by taking a sell position, click on the stock you want to sell, and it will take you to the stock’s page where you will set the amount you are willing to sell and the order you are selling it at. This page will look like the picture below

an image showing sell page on etoro

Otherwise, if you want to close your market and take your profit, you will see on the right hand corner where to close the market. This is illustrated in the picture below.

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An image showing how to close order in etoro

Once you locate the button, click it and you are done.

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