3 Easy Ways to Contact Binance Support

An Image showing how to contact Binance Support Team

If you are having problems with your Binance account or the Binance exchange in any way, the best thing you can do is contact Binance support. Binance support will help you with issues like failed account verification, payment issues, changing of email, money refunds, app issues and lots more.

If you are currently encountering any of the above issues (or related ones) and you are looking for ways to get an instant reply from Binance support, you are at the right place. In this article, I will show you three different ways to contact Binance Support.


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In case you are in a rush and would not like to read the whole page, here are three ways in which you can contact Binance Support.

1) By Chart: By clicking here, you can chart with the Binance Surpot team.


2) Submit a request to Binance: Use this link to submit a request to Binance.

3) Contact Binance on social: Go to any social media platform and search for Binance’s official page.

3 ways to contact Binance support.

If you encounter any issue and you would like to get an instant reply from the binance support, you can contact them in the following ways. If the first method you tried didn’t work, ensure you try another means to increase your chances of getting a reply from them.

How to contact Binance by chart

Once you are signed in to your Binance account on their mobile app, click on your profile icon”, then scroll down and click on the “help & support button.


Binance Chat

On that page, click on the “chart button” and you will be taken to the binance support page where you can chart with them.

How to contact Binance support by submitting a request.

By using this link, you can submit a request to the Binance support team without having to sign into your Binance account.

Binance contact form

How to contact Binance on their social media.

For an instant reply, you can also contact Binance on their official social media handles. On Facebook, you can send them a message directly using the message button.

Binance Facebook Page

On Twitter, you can tag them in a post describing the type of issues you are facing and the need for their attention.

Here are links to the Binance social media pages:






How can I contact Binance support if I can’t sign in to My Account?

You can submit a request to the Binance team without having to sign in to your Binace account by submitting a request to them using this link. Also, you can reach them on their social media pages by describing your issues.

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