How To Add Volatility 75 Index on Tradingview

name of Volatility 75 Index on Tradingview

If you have been following updates, you must have heard that Tradingview now has an extension that allows traders to access and analyze the real-time market data of Binary Options. With this extension, you can utilize the charting tools that tradingview provides to analyze your synthetic indices, including the Volatility 75 Index.

As we all know, Tradingview is one of the best charting platforms that allows traders to analyze crypto, forex, and stock symbols with its advanced drawing tools and trading indicators.


The extension of this platform(Tradingview) to be used for analyzing synthetic indices is a great thing for option traders as it will allow us to make better trading decisions.

In this post, I will show you how to add Volatility 75 Index on Tradingview. With the method I am going to share here, you can also add other synthetic indices to tradingview and analyze them. So let’s jump right into it!


Steps to Add Volatility 75 Index on Tradingview

You can add Volatility 75 Index on Tradingview by first going to the Tradingview website for binary options, signing up and searching for the Volatility 75 index on the filter search bar. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

Step 1: Visit TradingView’s website for binary options.

Follow this link to visit the Tradingview website for binary option trading. You will see a page looking like the picture below.

The home page of tradingview for binary

Step 2: Remove the default synthetic index.

On the page you were taken to from the step above, you will find an option to change the synthetic indices you want to trade. By default, “R-25” is selected. Remove it.


selecting synthetic indices

Step 3: Enter “Volatility 75” in the search bar.

When you remove the “R-25” as directed above, you will see different markets like forex, commodities, synthetic indices, and others. Navigate to the synthetic index market.

Then search for “Volatility 75” in the search window and, from the search result, select R_75. Once you do this, the candlestick chart which represent the real-time market data of “volatility 75”  will be launched at the chart window.

selecting volatility 75 on tradingview

Step 4: Begin trading.

After selecting “volatility 75” from the above step, its chart will be launched at the chart area. You are now set to analyze the asset and place your trade.

Note: You cannot place an order or connect a broker to this tradingview extension. After your technical analysis, you need to visit your broker’s official website and place your order accordingly. You can sign up on Driv if you don’t have an account yet. I have been enjoying them throughout my trading career.

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Where can I find volatility 75 index on Tradingview?

You can find the volatility 75 index on Tradingview for binary by navigating to the synthetic indices market and entering “volatility 75” in the search bar. You can refer to the image below to do this.

selecting volatility 75 on tradingview

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There are many advantages to using Tradingview to analyze synthetic indices over using your broker’s charting platform. With Tradingview, you will have a wider view of the candle chart of any asset and also access more advanced drawing tools that will help you implement your technical analysis very well.

That is all for how to add Volatility 75 Index on Tradingview. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comment section below. I will do my best to attend to them.


  1. Hi, is there a way to use the option to trade synthetics on the tradingview app. Also can I be able to add the high-low chart option for

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