How to Transfer NFT from Coinbase to Metamask Wallet

You may have bought your NFT (Non-Fungible Token) through Coinbase Wallet, and now you want to transfer it to your Metamask wallet so you can trade or HODL it there. But how do you go about this? That is the question Right?

In this post, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to transfer NFT from Coinbase to Metamask wallet

Among other non-custodian wallet platforms, Coinbase is one of the few that allows users to have control over their own assets and private keys. Not only that, you can use the wallet to buy and store your NFTs.

So come with me, let’s get started.

How to transfer NFT from Coinbase to Metamask Wallet (Steps)

Transferring your NFTs from Coinbase to Metamask is very simple. First you need to set up your Metmask wallet. Copy your wallet’s address from there, take it to Coinbase. Select the NFT you want to transfer. Then paste the wallet address you copied from Metamask and tap on the “send button” to complete the transaction.

If the above brief guide was not enough, here is a step-by-step guide on how to transfer NFT from Coinbase Wallet to Metamask.

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Step 1: Download and set up a Metamask wallet.

Before you can transfer your NFT from Coinbase to Metamask, you’ll need to set up your Metamask wallet account. To do this, you need to download the Metamask extension for either browser or IOS or  the Android app. Follow this link to download it. You will see a page like this.

Metamask wallet download page

In my case, I will choose the browser extension.

Then connect your existing Metamask wallet or create a new one.

metamask wallet connect

If you are creating a new one, Enter a password and click on “create.”

creating metamask account

Then copy your seed phrase and back it up.

metamask recovery

Confirm your secret recovery phrase by entering it in the order you copied it and clicking on next. You will see a success message like this.

metamask wallet

Once you’ve created your account, be sure to backup your seed phrase in a safe place.

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Step 2: Add some ETH in Your Coinbase Wallet for the Gas Fee

There is a fee associated with transferring NFTs out of Coinbase. So you need to fund your wallet with ether to cover these gas fees.

You can fund your Coinbase wallet with ETH either by buying directly on the platform, transferring from a ledger wallet, or transferring from an exchange.

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You can follow these steps to buy and transfer ETH from Binance to your wallet.

  1. Sign in to your Binance account.
  2. Make a USD deposit.
  3. Navigate to the “markets” page.
  4. Find an ETH-USD pair.
  5. Select “Buy”
  6. Input the amount of ETH you want to buy. (Pay attention to gas fees).
  7. Buy.
  8. Then Navigate to the wallet page on Binance.
  9. Select withdrawal.
  10. Copy your Coinbase ETH wallet to the Binance withdrawal page.
  11. Input the amount of ETH you want to transfer and select ETH as the network.
  12. Finally, tap withraw.
  13. If the transfer was successful, it will be reflected in your Coinbase wallet.

Step 3: Copy ETH deposit address from Metamask wallet.

If you added the Metamask extension to your browser, then navigate to your browser extensions and select Metamask. Then change the network type to ETH and copy the wallet as shown below.

copying ETH wallet address in metamask

Step 4: Open Coinbase and go to NFTs

Go to your coinbase app, Click on the “wallet icon”.

Coinbase wallet icon

Then select NFTs.

NFTs in coinbase

After selecting NFT, the list of NFTs you own will appear.

Step 5: Select The NFT you want to Transfer.

From your NFT portfolio, Select the one you want to transfer and click on the send button as shown below

transferring nft on coinbase

Step 6: Paste the wallet address you copied from Metamask

Once you click the send button, you will be taken to a page to input the wallet address you want to send to. So paste the one you copied from Metamask.

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Metamask wallet address

Step 7: Confirm Transaction

Adjust the gas fees to your test via the transaction setting. After that, confirm the transaction by clicking on SEND.

That is all. Your NFT will be transferred to your Metamask wallet.

How Long Does It take to Transfer NFT from coinbase to Metamask?

It takes about 10–15 minutes for any transfer to be reflected in your MetaMask account.

You can monitor the transfer status of your NFT at Coinbase. To do this, navigate to the transfer details and select “VIEW ON BLOCK EXPLORER.” Once the transfer is successful, you will see the asset on the NFT Tab in your Metamask wallet.

Fee for transferring NFT from coinbase to metamask wallet

The fees charged for transferring NFT from Coinbase to Metamask Wallet vary depending on some factors, including the size of the order, current volatility and liquidity, and payment method. Transacting on the ETH network is usually very expensive. It costs 0.006321 ETH on average to transfer 100€ of ETH.


With this detailed guide, I believe you have learned how to transfer NFT from Coinbase to Metamask. If you have any questions, you can leave them below. I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible.


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