Minimum Lot Size for Volatility index (Complete List)

Looking for the Minimum Lot Size for Volatility Index? Welcome, In this post, I will show you the minimum lot size for the Volatility 75 index, Volatility 25, Volatility 50 index, Volatility 100 index and other volatility indices.

If you are new to using the MT5 trading app, understanding the minimum lot size for Volatility Index and other synthetic indices can be very difficult. In fact, navigating the mt5 app alone can be a herculean task if you are using it for the first time.

The truth is that if you want to maintain a good risk management system, then understanding lot sizes and how they affect your profit and loss in a trade is very important. It will help you to place your trade with confidence while making sure you watch your risk limit.

Stop trading blindly; use our synthetic indices risk management calculator to calculate a good lot size for your trade.

stop loss is important

So in this post, we will show you the minimum lot size for all the different volatility indices and their implications for your risk management system.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get started.

What is lots size in trading?

Lot size” in trading refers to the amount of an asset that you want to buy or sell in one transaction. It basically reflects the size of the trade that you want to make in a financial market.

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Minimum Lot Size for Volatility index

Different volatility indexes have different minimum lot sizes in the volatility index market. So we are going to show you the minimum lots size for different volatility indexes using the table below.

If you are looking for the overall minimum lot size for volatility index market, it is 0.001, and this is beared by Volatility 75 index.

Here is a Table of minimum lot sizes in volatility index market.

Type of IndexTickerMinimum Lots Size
Volatility 75 indexVIX 750.001
Volatility 25 index (1s)VIX 25 (1s) 0.005
Volatility 50 index (1s)VIX 50 (1s)0.005
Volatility 75 index (1s)VIX 75 (1s)0.005
Volatility 200 index (1s)VIX 200 (1s)0.020
Volatility 100 index (1s)VIX 100 (1s)0.100
Volatility 10 index VIX 100.300
Volatility 25 index (1s)VIX 250.500
Volatility 100 indexVIX 1000.200
Volatility 25 indexVIX 25 0.500
Volatility 50 indexVIX 50 3.000
Volatility 300 index (1s)VIX 300 (1s)1.000

Minimum Lot Size for Volatility 75 index

The minimum lot size for Volatility 75 index (VIX) is 0.001 and that for Volatility (1s) 75 index (VIX (1s)) is 0.005

Minimum Lot Size for jump index

Jump indices have a constant minimum lot size of 0.01 for all the different jump indices. The table below illustrates more.

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Type of indexTickerMinimum lots size
Jump 10 indexJD100.01
Jump 25 indexJD250.01
Jump 50 indexJD500.01
Jump 75 index JD750.01
Jump 100 indexJD1000.01

Minimum Lot Size for Step Index

The minimum lots Size for step index is 0.10. Lot size higher than 0.1 does not work. You can only trade step index with 0.1 lot size or higher.

What is the best lot size for trading volatility indices?

The best lot size for volatility indices is the lot size that respects your risk management system. You know that the higher the lot size, the riskier your account can be. It is very important to use a lot size that will not cause you significant losses in case the market goes against your position.


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