Learn How To Swing Trade In 6 Easy Steps.

How to swing trade

In forex, or any other stock market, having a trading strategy cannot be overstated because it helps you set a profit plan and work towards it. Swing trading is a commonly used strategy and is ideal for beginners because it has a manageable time horizon. If you are someone who has browsed through the different … Read more

Learn How To Read Volume Charts In 4 Simple Steps

A man learning how to read volume charts

In the forex or stock market, knowing how to read volume charts cannot be overstated as it gives a summary of what is happening in the market. In trading, the major thing that determines how profitable the market is, is liquidity (which is how many opportunities traders have to enter positions) and one of the … Read more

Learn How to change TradingView to Dark Mode In 4 Simple Steps

An image showing How to change TradingView to Dark Mode

Stuck on how to change Tradingview to dark mode? You are not alone. We have seen a number of people searching for that and have decided to show how to do that easily in this article. There’s always some joy in having a background color of your preference, and one of the things I like … Read more

How to Trade Forex on TradingView

Paper Trading in Tradingview Mobile App

When you use the right tools and implement your technical analysis well , Forex trading can be one of the most profitable endeavors. There are different charting platforms that you can use to access the real market data of any forex broker and analyze your forex pairs, and tradingview is one of the best. Tradingview provides … Read more

How to Connect Broker to MT4 Mobile App

Connect Broker to MT4 Mobile App

MT4 is a great charting platform for Forex and some other CFD trading which allows third-party brokers to be integrated. It has a nice user interface and great charting tools for traders to implement their technical analysis and execute their trades. In fact, when it comes to the rating of charting tools for technical analysis, … Read more

How to Trade Forex on Phone: A Beginners’ Guide

Trade Forex on Phone

Looking for a tip on how to trade Forex on phone? That is doing all your technical analysis and executing your trades just with your smartphone. Welcome. In this guide, we will show you how to do that. Although it is more comfortable to trade forex on a desktop, most people prefer using their mobile phones … Read more

Tradingview Kraken Integration: Connect Kraken to TradingView

Tradingview Kraken integration

Looking for a guide on Tradingview Kraken integration? That is, accessing and using the Kraken platforms’ real-time market data on tradingview . Welcome. This is what we will be treating in this article. As we all know, Tradingview and Kraken are two of the most popular platforms for cryptocurrency trading, each with their own unique … Read more

How To Connect Broker To TradingView Mobile App.

Connect Broker To TradingView Mobile App

TradingView is gaining ground among other charting platforms. When it comes to the rating of charting tools for technical analysis, TradingView has a 99% score. Regardless of the financial market you trade, you can use Tradingview to implement your technical analysis. In this post, I will be showing how to connect a broker (paper trading) … Read more